Thursday, March 5, 2015

Crittenden County is officially closed

Crittenden County is closed, says Judge-Executive Perry Newcom.

Due to severe conditions, all roads in the county are closed. Only emergency vehicles are allowed on public roadways, the judge said.

Marion Police Chief Ray O'Neal encourages residents to stay at home, even inside the city.

"If people will avoid getting on the streets today, I think that by tomorrow they should be clear enough that people can get out and go about anywhere they need to," the chief said.

City, county and state maintenance crews are working to clear area roads, but officials say motorists are impeding their progress. A couple of county vehicles have become stuck in the snow while trying to avoid passenger vehicles.

In Marion, very few businesses are open at this time other than convenience stores and a few restaurants. Food Giant and Conrad's are open. Conrad's will closes at 6 p.m.

Mike Wasleiwski, manager of Conrad's, said employees who reported to work today live nearby in town and some walked.

At Food Giant, Medara Marshall said there have been very few customers in this morning. The grocery store is closing at 3pm today.