Friday, May 1, 2015

Beware of farm equipment on roads

Wet weather has put farmers across Western Kentucky behind their normal planting schedule. That means farmers will be working extra hours in an effort to catch up as drier and warmer weather rolls into the region this week.

As of this week, farmers estimate as little as 5 percent of the area corn crop has been planted, far behind what would be expected in a more normal planting season.

That will put farm equipment on the road as farmers move from field to field in the rush to take advantage of dry weather to put seeds in the ground. Kentucky Transportation Cabinet District 1 is reminding motorists to be prepared to encounter tractors and various tillage and planting equipment moving at slower speeds.

In 2014, there were 192 traffic crashes involving farm equipment across Kentucky. While there were no fatalities in 2014, there were 42 reported injuries and 158 of those crashes included property damage.

Motorists are reminded to be on the lookout for slow-moving equipment, particularly during spring planting season. Please use both caution and patience when you encounter farm equipment.

Farmers are asked to do their part by providing appropriate escort vehicles and lighting whenever they move tractors and other equipment along highways.