Monday, June 8, 2015

Litter abatement, mowing under way all across western Kentucky

A contractor plans litter pick-up and mowing along Interstate 24 through western Kentucky starting today.

A litter pick-up crew followed immediately by a mowing crew will be along I-24 starting at the Ohio River bridge in McCracken County and working their way eastward to the Kentucky-Tennessee state line.

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet advises motorists to be alert for mowing crews along I-24 and other area highways during daylight hours anytime weather allows.

Motorists should slow down and use appropriate caution when they encounter a mowing zone as mowing equipment may be required to travel into or across the roadway during their work.

State mowing crews are also working along federal highways and rural secondary highways in all counties across the region in coming weeks.

A mowing zone should be given the same respect as other work zones. Slow down, put down your cell phone, pay attention to traffic around you, and be alert for mowing equipment you may encounter up ahead.