Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Ky. House Republicans criticized use of public funding for Planned Parenthood

State Rep. Lynn Bechler (R-Marion) has joined other Republican lawmakers in the Kentucky House of Representatives in criticizing the use of taxpayer dollars for Planned Parenthood programs in Kentucky and calling on Gov. Steve Beshear to end all funding to the organization through the state.

On Monday, the GOP House Caucus released a statement claiming a high-ranking official with the Kentucky Cabinet for Health & Family Resources admitted that at least $331,300 in federal funds was provided to Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky through local health departments. Republican leaders say only the Kentucky General Assembly, except in emergency situations, has the authority to direct where public funds are appropriated.

"Given the shocking and undeniable revelations about the marketing of organs and body parts from aborted babies, we are appalled to now learn that taxpayer dollars actually flow through Kentucky state government into the coffers of this organization," the statement read. "With unlimited access to tax payer funded women’s health care services guaranteed by Medicaid and kynect, there is absolutely no reasonable justification or purpose for funneling taxpayer dollars directly or indirectly to Planned Parenthood."

Forty-two of the 46 House Republicans, including Bechler, signed off on the statement.

"Kentuckians will not tolerate the distribution of their tax dollars to this organization, and call upon the governor and attorney general to immediately and forever terminate all funding to Planned Parenthood," the GOP statement concluded.

Gov. Beshear and Attorney General Jack Conway are both Democrats. In fact, Conway is the party's nominee in this year's gubernatorial election.