Saturday, September 12, 2015

Tree seedlings available from KDF

With fall just around the corner, Kentuckians should plan their spring tree-planting activities now and order tree seedlings through the Kentucky Division of Forestry (KDF). Seedlings will be available for shipping from January through April.

By placing your order now, you can select from more than 50 species of trees including the new additions of staghorn and smooth sumac, sugar maple and tag alder (hazel alder). These bare-root seedlings can be used by anyone interested in reforestation, wildlife habitat development, erosion control, windbreaks and numerous other conservation projects.

Low cost seedlings and technical assistance are provided to Kentuckians who are ready to answer the inherent call to plant a small grove or reforest a whole field. You can purchase single trees for $5 each, a bundle of 10 trees for $30 and for bigger planting jobs there are bundles of 100 trees for $50. The price for the single and 10-packs includes tax and delivery.

Tree seedlings planted in Kentucky will be part of “Kentucky’s 20/20 Vision for Reforestation” effort.

Foresters from the Kentucky Division of Forestry are available to help match the right tree species to your situation.  To order your trees or request assistance, call or stop by a regional Kentucky Division of Forestry office.

To find what office covers your county, go to the KDF website or call (800) 866-0555. The tree order form can be found on the division’s web page under state nurseries and tree seedlings.