Friday, January 15, 2016

Paducah Head Start staff shares $1 million Powerball prize

The second of three $1 million Powerball tickets from Wednesday night's historic drawing has been claimed. The ticket was brought to lottery headquarters late yesterday by representatives of a group of 11 coworkers from Paducah Public Schools. They work for the McNabb Head Start Program and call themselves the "Tiny Tornadoes".

Staff members, who had not played together prior to Wednesday's Powerball drawing, each kicked in $5. They got 27 quick pick tickets.

After Wednesday night's drawing, group member Angel Lawrence (left) checked their numbers from copies she'd made of their tickets.  After finding the winning numbers on Twitter, she and her daughter saw they had a $1 million winner. Angel then called group member Tracy Leonard (right) with the news - once they realized the tickets were at school in Tracy's desk, they called and woke the school's principal who met them at school that night so they could retrieve the tickets!

When they arrived at work Thursday morning, the remaining group members realized they'd won.

"It was emotional when they talked about what each of them were going to do with the winnings," Tracy said. Most of the members will pay off debt.

Angel told lottery officials that many of the group were always helping other people and that she's thrilled this happened to them.

After taxes, each person will receive approximately $62,727.