Thursday, November 17, 2016

High winds heighten fire dangers

No-burn order in effect. No outdoor
burning of any type is allowed.
A burning ban remains in effect for Crittenden County and will likely remain so for several days, despite a sure-bet of rain late Friday afternoon. The weather system ushering in the rain brings with it a heightened danger of wildfires.

The cold front approaching Friday will bring with it an increase in south to southwest winds, gusting up to 20 mph. This will combine with hot, dry conditions during the afternoon to produce an elevated risk for wildfires. Fires could spread quickly and potentially burn out of control. Open burns could spread to wooded areas and homes.

The relief from Friday’s rains will be only temporary, as rainfall totals are forecast between only one-third and one-half inch.

There are currently 85 counties with outdoor burning bans in place. Visit the division’s Facebook page at Kentucky Division of Forestry to view a complete list.

“While others are out enjoying the beautiful weather, division firefighters, other state agency personnel and countless local fire department firefighters will be risking their lives to protect Kentucky’s forests, homes and communities,” said Director Bill Steele Jr. “I urge every Kentuckian to do their part in protecting them by not setting any fires.”

Most wildfires in Kentucky are caused by careless debris burning and arson, therefore, the division is urging citizens to report any information about arson to the division or a local law enforcement agency. Other outdoor burning laws to consider include open burning regulations and legal disposal methods.