Friday, January 20, 2017

Franklin procession coming to Fredonia Saturday

This submitted photo was taken earlier this week when
Franklin's body was taken from Nashville to Paducah.
Jackson Purchase Energy Corporation crews plan to honor fallen co-worker Josh Franklin by escorting his funeral procession along Interstate 24 and US 641 from the funeral in Paducah to graveside servies near Fredonia on Saturday,.

JPECC service trucks and employees will join an extended caravan that is expected to travel along I-24 eastbound from Exit 7 at Paducah to Exit 40 at Eddyville starting around 12:30 p.m., Saturday.

Eastbound I-24 traffic, as well as traffic on US 62 and US 45, may have to be halted by police to allow the procession to enter I-24 at Exit 7.  This caravan is then expected to travel at about 55 miles per hour with a police escort.  The procession is expected to take about 40 minutes to travel along I-24 from Paducah to Eddyville.

Motorists who encounter this eastbound caravan on I-24 are asked to be alert for slow moving traffic and use appropriate caution.

Motorists traveling US 641 between Eddyville and Fredonia who encounter the caravan are asked to be alert for police assisting with traffic conrol at intersections along the route.

A Marion native, Franklin, 29, died Monday at Vanderbilt Hospital following work-related accident more than a week earlier.