Friday, February 3, 2017

Clerk offers tip to avoid extra $3 charge

Crittenden County Clerk Carolyn Byford is reminding drivers they need to bring in their previous year's registration receipt to avoid an extra charge when renewing plates.

Since computers began storing state records, many county clerks, including Byford, have not charged customers the $3 set by state statute for renewals not accompanied by the reciept. The fee is to cover additional office work required to match plates with the correct vehicle. Duplicate registration must be printed at the time of renewal, and owners must attest the information is correct.

"We can get in trouble," Byford said. "(Clerks) all need to be on the same page."

The receipt is the letter-size paper given to drivers in the clerk's office with their plate decal attached. It is the same document asked for by law enforcement during a traffic stop.

Byford reminds drivers they should also bring in their proof of insurance when renewing plates, just in case the computer indicates proof is required.