Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Sen. Ridley’s highway safety bill heads to House

A highway safety bill, sponsored by Senator Dorsey Ridley, D-Henderson, passed out of the Senate today.

“Citizens and law enforcement folks have complained to me about the super bright lighting on some vehicles and how distracting it is,” said Ridley, a member of the Senate Transportation Committee. “This distraction presents a real danger for drivers.”

Ridley’s solution comes in the form of Senate Bill 92 that would restrict modifications of vehicles with certain replacement headlights and other lights that emit from beneath the vehicle.

“It is becoming a real safety issue and would be an addition to the road safety laws already on the books,” added Ridley.

SB 92 would not affect the original equipment installed on cars and trucks by the manufacturer, but would only affect equipment or lighting added after the vehicle rolls off the assembly line, he noted.

SB 92 would prohibit vehicles from:
  • Emitting anything other than white light.
  • Require all headlamps to meet U.S. Department of Transportation regulations.
  • Prohibit headlamps that appear to emit a solid color other than white.
  • Prohibit headlamp covers or film that changes the color of the light emitted.
  • Outline provisions for front, rear, side and undercarriage lighting of a vehicle.
It would exempt original equipment installed by the manufacturer.

SB 92 has the support of Kentucky State Police, the Kentucky Justice Cabinet, Henderson Police Chief Chip Stauffer, and Henderson County Sheriff Ed Brady.
SB 92 is a safety issue for the Kentucky motoring public, said Sen. Ridley.
SB 92 now moves to the House of Representatives for further action.