Monday, June 12, 2017

Crittenden church group is on mission to Haiti

Life in Christ Church of Marion is sending a youth group on a mission trip to the city of Cap Rouge, Haiti this summer to help build a house for those in need.

The volunteers are going to help a family get a roof over their head alongside the Haitian workers. The activities of the missionaries will also be focused on evangelism in the city, working with the Haitian people teaching English and playing soccer with the local kids.

The youth group raised $5,500 to build the house for the family. The home will be a small block structure with a metal roof, no frills, but a palace to the Haitian people.

The 15 youth and five adults have worked hard at raising their financial support. They have sent out sponsor letters, sold pork-chop sandwiches, carried out groceries and sold T-shirts.
The idea for this mission trip arose last summer when the Youth of the church attended Crossings Camp.

“Last summer our Camp Pastor was Brent Gambrell. He is the founder of A Door to Hope ministry in Nashville, Tenn. After the service one night, our group was talking to him about his ministry. A Door to Hope does missions in Haiti year-round. It stirred in the hearts of our youth. They felt that camp was awesome and they had been poured into but now it was time for them to pour into others,” said Kanley Hadfield, a church member and one of the trip organizers.

“They decided they wanted to go to Haiti this year instead of camp,” Hadfield continued. “Our motto is The Flexible Shall Not Be Broken. So whatever the Lord has us to do while we are there will be awesome. We are going there to be the hands and the feet of Jesus.”

In partnering with communities and churches in Haiti, A Door to Hope works to empower the local people to grow and sustain their own communities. The house that the missionaries are hoping to build in just seven days possibly is going to belong to a Haitian pastor who had previously left his residence and lifestyle in a bigger city where he used to live and moved to the small village of Cap Rouge to serve the people there. At the present time, he and his family don’t have a home.

For more see the June 8 printed issue of The Crittenden Press