Thursday, July 13, 2017

School tax recall petition submitted

The petition to recall a 6-cent school tax increase approved last month by Crittenden County Board of Education was submitted to County Clerk Carolyn Byford earlier this afternoon. Byford said the petition contains the names of 1,056 individuals. Only 408 are needed to send the tax to a countywide vote.

Hundreds of pages of signatures of people who want to see the levy decided at the ballot box have been compiled since the day after the board approved the tax on June 1 in order to build a new high school. Monday is the deadline to submit the petition for verification, but petitioners feel they have more than enough names. Byford has 30 days, starting tomorrow, to certify the petition with the names of at least 408 registered Crittenden County voters.

Follow us here and in our print edition of The Crittenden Press for updates on the recall petition verification. A story in this week's issue already on newsstands outlines the potential issues facing the process.