Thursday, January 11, 2018

Thompson officially hired for football

Thompson (right) has been waiting in the wings since 2014.
Here he was on the sideline with coach Starnes this season.
Crittenden County High School has officially hired Sean Thompson as head football coach.

It was no surprise to local football fans.

Thompson, a 2004 graduate of Crittenden County High School, has been offensive coordinator, assistant head coach and the heir apparent to Al Starnes over the last few years.

Starnes retired from coaching this fall after 27 years as the head coach at CCHS. He made Thompson his head assistant last summer and made it no secret that he supported Thompson to become the next head coach.

Thompson played football at Crittenden County then at Campbellsville University. He joined the Rocket football coaching staff in 2009 then spent a few years at Union County before returning to Crittenden as offensive coordinating in 2014.

There will be a public meet and greet at 5pm Tuesday at Rocket Arena as Thompson is officially presented to the community as the next head football coach.

Thompson says he is thankful for this new leadership role.

“My ultimate goal is to be the best leader and role model that I can for the youth of Crittenden County,” he said. “There’s so much more to football than the game itself. I will strive to set the best example I can for the players.”

Superintendent Vince Clark said the selection of Thompson as head skipper was an easy one.

“Coach Thompson is a Rocket, through and through,” he said. “Not only has he distinguished himself as one of the offensive gurus in western Kentucky, but also he has a strong commitment to carry on the principles and beliefs that Coach Al Starnes has spent 27 years establishing. Building relationships and teamwork are his hallmarks.”