Friday, February 27, 2015

Alicia’s Law bill heads to Senate

A bill aimed at protecting victims child rape passed the Kentucky House today without a dissenting vote.

The bill is House Bill 427, sponsored by House Judiciary Chair John Tilley (D-Hopkinsville). The bill passed by a vote of 93-0.

HB 427, known as the “Alicia’s Law” bill, would add $10 to court costs paid in Kentucky’s criminal cases to increase funding for the Kentucky State Police Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force. Tilley said the task force works to prevent crimes like those suffered by Alicia Kozakiewicz, for whom Alicia’s Law is named.

Now a child advocate in her 20s, Kozakiewicz was abducted at age 13 then raped and tortured for days via live Internet streaming before she was rescued.  She is now working to get bills like HB 427 passed in states across the country.

Tilley said passage of HB 427 would make Kentucky the ninth state to pass Alicia’s Law.

HB 427 now goes to the Senate for consideration.

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