Sunday, February 18, 2018

Serious accident on Fords Ferry Road

UPDATE: This was a double fatality. No names are being released until notification of next of kin.

Emergency personnel and law enforcement have worked a serious automobile accident at the intersection of Bridwell Loop and Fords Ferry Road.

A vehicle crashed into Crooked Creek.

No details have been released at this time.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Marriage Conference Saturday

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Wind closes Cave in Rock Ferry

Due to high winds Thursday, the Cave In Rock Ferry stopped service at 2:30pm.

When winds subside in the morning, the ferry should re-open.

School text no cause alarm

Superintendent of School Vince Clark said a text message sent to parents today requesting permission to accept text messages from the school system is no reason for alarm, and appears to be a glitch in the application that sends such messages.

The following message explaining the error has been posted on the school district's website:
"Parents and Rocket Community please note that today a message was sent from Crittenden County Schools through our School Messenger System requesting your permission to accept Text Messages as a form of communication. This system was supposed to be activated on March 1 so we are contacting School Messenger to find out why some parents, students and staff were contacted today making this request.  We apologize for this inconvenience and realize the timing of this alert is concerning but want you to know there is no reason for concern as we are on a normal schedule today.  This feature would allow us to use Text to enhance our communication with parents, students and staff.  You are welcome to activate this feature if you would like to receive text messages from your school and school system or you can wait until March 1."

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

V-Day Special: A match made on the 'Net

By MIMI BYRNS, The Crittenden Press

The Internet has changed the way people communicate, form meaningful relationships and even fall in love and get married. Not even in her wildest dreams did Ann Moore, a first-grade teacher at Crittenden County Elementary School, imagine Christian Mingle would be the way she would meet her husband Matt. But, love has its own way of conquering all, and surprisingly to everyone – even to the ones involved – to work out perfectly.

"I am a very conservative, old-fashioned girl. So the general idea of online dating was so weird to me," said Moore. "Also, you hear of so many bad experiences, so I was nervous about that as well."

It all started several years ago. While sitting in her dorm room at Murray State University, she received a surprising email informing her she had just joined Christian Mingle, an online dating site for meeting a partner of shared Christian faith. Thinking it was a cleverly planned joke by her roommate, Moore didn't take this message seriously and continued with her daily activities.

"I did not sign up," she remembers. "Fast forward a couple days, and I had a notification that someone had tried to contact me. I was shocked and still amused at the idea of the site. I was not about to pay for a dating site so I couldn't read his message.

"I was still curious, though, and had to check the guy out. I went to his profile and saw the cheesiest grin that made me smile from ear to ear. I was intrigued, so I read more. He sounded like a super sweet guy."

A day or so later, while studying with a friend, she received another message, but this time, Matt put his phone number in the subject line, which opened the door for Ann to contact him if she wanted to. She remembers being very excited and nervous at the same time, wondering whether she should text him or not.

"I went for it and texted him, and we hit it off right away," she said. "After a couple of weeks talking and texting, we finally wanted to meet.

"Now, I was a nervous wreck about this, excited but nervous! We met in Eddyville at Oasis, and he drove us to Olive Garden in Paducah, which now is one of our favorites. On the drive to Paducah it was such an odd feeling to be sitting in the car with someone I had never met and only talked to. My stomach was in knots and my hands were damp from nerves. But as the night went on, we talked and talked and had such a great time.

"It was so easy and natural to converse with him from the beginning."
Matt, originally from Paducah, had just moved into an apartment and out on his own. He kept feeling a tug from God that he should try out Christian Mingle. He decided to go for it and sign up. He works at Siemens in Marion but little did he know, that is where his future wife had been living all of her life.

"It was a true God thing because my account was created around the same time he joined," Ann said. "He said my picture kept popping up, and he was intrigued. He knew he wanted to message me, so he paid the $24.99 membership."

"We have an inside joke that he paid only $24.99 for his wife," laughs Ann.

She is convinced God has put the pieces together for her and her husband to meet. Before they met, they had both been praying God to send them the right person to spend their life with. Matt chose Christian Mingle because he hoped to find a Christ-like woman and felt it was the right thing to do at that time in his life... This article originally appeared in The Crittenden Press Feb. 8, 2018 issue. To read it in its entirety, grab a copy at The Crittenden Press office.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Crittenden joins economic development partnership

Crittenden, Caldwell and Lyon counties have officially partnered for a regional economic development strategy. With the assistance of the Pennyrile Area Development District, the tri-county pact became effective late last month. The new partnership venture is named Lake Barkley Partnership for Economic Development.

Crittenden County Economic Development Corp. (CCEDC), according to a news release from CCEDC Chairman Terry Bunnell, will continue to operate as its own entity to address the needs of Crittenden County, but will also support funding and participation for economic development in the region.  

“The vision is to ensure the county and area (are) improving and moving forward in all aspects of economic development,” Bunnell said in the release. “The partnership will enable the CCEDC to use resources wisely and prudently to represent the area.”

During the first consolidated board meeting of the regional partnership, the following executive committee was formed:

- Chairman Tim Capps: Par 4 Plastics President, Crittenden County.
- Vice Chairman Jeff McDaniels: Farmers Bank (Princeton) President/CEO, Caldwell County.
- Treasurer Bob Hayes: Caldwell County.
- Secretary D’Anna Sallin: Siemens Rail Automation Corp., Crittenden County.
- Wade White, Lyon County Judge Executive.
- Brent Bugg, Fredonia Valley Bank President, Caldwell County.
- Perry Newcom, Crittenden County Judge Executive.
- Princeton Mayor Danny Beavers, Caldwell County.
- Princeton Attorney Todd Wetzel, Caldwell County.

In addition to Capps, Sallin and Newcom, other board members from Crittenden County include Chris Cook, Farmers Bank & Trust Co. Executive Vice President; and Adam Ledford, Marion City Administrator.

The partnership will represent 29,825 residents within its three counties with a projected annual budget of $140,000.

“CCEDC believes that the partnership will allow the pooling of resources, and working together is the most fiscally responsible approach as we attempt to maintain competitiveness for jobs in the region,” said Bunnell.

Mexico Wild Game dinner this weekend

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Kemper benefit Saturday

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Monday, February 12, 2018