Monday, July 31, 2017

Who's Who - Who's New at Local Schools

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Have you checked out the Back to School special section in the July 27 printed edition of The Crittenden Press?

It is full of great information whether you're headed back to the classroom or just interested in keeping up with what's going on within your local school district.

Here is a sample of some of the stories in that special section from last week.

Copies are still available at local grocers, pharmacies and convince stores... or from The Press office.

The section includes the School Supply List.

Cpt. White retires from Kentucky State Police

Brent White
Kentucky State Police Capt. Brent White made his retirement official today after almost 20 years of service.

White first joined the state police force in 1998 and was assigned shortly thereafter to Crittenden County where he lived for 13 years.

White’s ties to Marion run deep. His children have gone to school here and his wife, Holly, had been with the Crittenden County School District for 11 years. She recently resigned to take a teaching job in Lyon County.

White, 45, started in law enforcement in Lyon County as a patrolman. He is a graduate of Lyon County High School and the University of Kentucky.

After joining the state police at Post 2, White spent several years as a road trooper before being promoted to sergeant. He was later transferred to Post 1 in Mayfield where he was a detective sergeant in charge of the investigative unit. He was raised to the rank of lieutenant while at Mayfield then in September of 2015 was promoted to captain and became commander of the Post 2 unit.

White said it’s a bitter-sweet time in his career, leaving law enforcement, but he plans to find a new career in the coming months. He currently farms part time.

“The people of Crittenden County were always good to me,” he said. “I will always hold a special place in my heart for Crittenden County.”

Little league football registration is tomorrow

Registration for Junior Pro Football is Tuesday, Aug. 1 at Rocket Arena.

Fifth and sixth graders register at 6 p.m., and third and fourth graders register starting at 6:45 p.m.

Bring your birth certificate.

Equipment assignments will be made at registration.

First practice in T-shirts and shorts is Thursday, Aug. 3. Dr. Johnny Newcom will provide physicals for $20 at practice on Aug. 3 at the park.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Taste of Marion tested by summer intern

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Murray State journalism student Blake Sandlin has spent the summer in Marion reporting for The Crittenden Press. 

While here, he's sampled some of Marion's cuisine and taken some notes on the tastes of the town. 

His commentary piece was published recently in The Crittenden Press. If you missed it, here's a digital version.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

City, county meetings Monday

Both city and county government in Crittenden County will hold special meetings Monday.

At 8:30 a.m. at the courthouse, Crittenden Fiscal Court will meet to consider a bid on renovations at the Ben E. Clement Mineral Museum that includes a new roof.

That evening at 5, Marion City Council will meet to act on several items, including two appointments to Marion Crittenden-County Park Board and an ordinance amendment to rezone 508 Chapel Hill Road from manufactured home to residential. There will also be discussion on the deteriorating condition of Country Club Drive.

No driver testing Friday

There will be no written or road test in Crittenden County Friday.

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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Area deaths

Verna Louise Robinson, 88, of Marion died Tuesday. Gilbert Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements.

Brenda Kay Cooper, 64, of Frankfort died Wednesday. Gilbert Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements.

Joseph David “Joe” Jackson, 50, of Salem died Tuesday. Boyd Funeral Directors and Cremation Services is in charge of arrangements.

What's news this week in Crittenden County...

Twenty-first century learning is not just a catchy phrase used by the local school system, it’s a way of life. In fact, most educators across the nation are on board with the new academic lifestyle. Simply put, 21st century learning incorporates into academics ever-present, ever-changing technologies and the new global mindset. While reading, writing and arithmetic are still the foundation of education, learning has been transformed by the world in which we live. Teachers are different. Students have changed. Last year was a turning point for this new era of education in Crittenden County Schools.

For our entire eight-page Back 2 School section and the following news headlines, pick up a copy of this week's issue of The Crittenden Press:
  • Lions land midway just in time for fair
  • Chamber survey aimed at commerce
  • CCEDC’S survival could hinge on 3-county merger
  • Baptist Health clings to EMS despite losses
  • White leaving school district for Lyon job
  • Merger could impact local Siemens plant
  • KSP honors Crittenden natives
  • Local KSP trooper retires after 20 years
  • KSP Post 2 commander, former Crittenden trooper White retires
  • County’s voter swing at 1,100
  • Grass can prove hazard for bikers
  • Soybean plantings at Ky. record high
  • Heat stressing corn, soybeans
  • Ky. unemployment up to 5.1 percent
  • FORGOTTEN PASSAGES: New Deal programs helped build county
  • SPORTS: Pre-season competition kicks off 2017 football practice
  • SPORTS: Crittenden hosts all-star events this week
  • Teens earn awards at APES seminar
Back to School
  • Local schools adapting to 21st century needs
  • Eclipse won’t overshadow education in county
  • Meet new hires across the school district
  • 2017-18 school calendar
  • School supply lists
  • Bus routes
  • Several board-adopted programs promoting student welfare
  • CCHS welcome back from Principal Curtis Brown
  • CCMS welcome back from Principal Tom Radivonyk
  • CCES welcome back from Principal Jenni Gilkey
  • Teen dress code relaxed
    Crosswalk back at CCHS after year off
  • Bus driver shortage continues in district
  • Subs needed for district classrooms
  • CCES preschool moved to all-day

Backpack, supply giveaway next week

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Area Death

Joseph D. "Joe" Jackson, 50, of Salem died Tuesday. Boyd Funeral Directors and Cremation Services is in charge of arrangements.

PODCAST: Carnival starts tomorrow at county fair

 about life on the roadwith the carnival that is in town.
Crittenden County Lions Club has been able to negotiate a deal to bring carnival rides back to the county fair this summer.

At the last minute, a contract was struck with Playland Amusement and its workers began assembling rides yesterday.

Listen to our podcast with carnival worker Kathy who provides some interesting insight into travel and other aspects of life on the road with an amusement company.

Carnival bracelets will be available nightly at the fair for $10. The carnival will also be open Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Enjoy the Crittenden County Fair

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Trooper Holliman retirement reception

Longtime lawman Darron Holliman is retiring from the Kentucky State Police and he will be honored Wednesday with a reception at Marion Ed-Tech Center.

The public is invited to stop by and fellowship with Trooper Holliman and others from 11 a.m., until 1 p.m.

Any donations made will go toward the purchase of his service weapons.

Holliman has served the community as a deputy, a sheriff and a state trooper.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Dentist setting up practice in Marion

In case you missed this story in last week's newspaper:

Marion is starting to smile at the prospects of a dentist coming to town.

It has been two years since Dr. Steve Crider retired, leaving Marion without local dental care for the first time in ages. Not too long ago, in the late 1980s, Marion had three full-time dental practices.

While details are still being firmed up, it appears that Dr. Rebecca Werner, DMD of Shelbyville, Ky., will be setting up practice here. She will host a Meet the Dentist event from 4 to 8 p.m., Thursday.

Werner will join orthodontist Dr. Matthew Milliner of Paducah in the Health Quest Wellness Center on South Main Street, where Milliner practices on a part-time basis in the dentistry office that was once Crider’s.

Initially, plans are to see patients one day a week, on Thursdays, but her hours will extend into the evening.

Werner already has an active practice in Shelbyville, which is midway between Louisville and Frankfort. She also has a mobile dental service she offers through Senior Well, seeing residents at Crittenden Health and Rehabilitation Center.

Werner has been serving the nursing home in Marion for more than a year. It was through that local relationship that Werner discovered the need for family dentistry in Marion.

Werner earned her dentistry degree from the University of Louisville and has been practicing for about 20 years. Her office will accept private insurance, Medicaid and private pay.

For more on this article, see the July 21 printed edition of The Crittenden Press.

LHHS has immediate job opening

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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Courthouse remains cooling center

Crittenden County Courthouse will remain a cooling center through Sunday night, according to Judge-Executive Perry Newcom. The building was opened Thursday to those in the community who may not have air-conditioning at their home during the heat wave. The heat index is expected to remain in triple digits tomorrow.

To access the courthouse for a cooling center, enter from the West Carlisle Street doors.

Giant estate auction today in Marion

Visit Our Web Site for More Information
A giant public auction, perhaps the largest of its kind ever in this community, is kicking off this morning on US 641 just south of Marion.

The Mickey and Jo Nelson estate auction has numerous antique pieces and other fine items. You won't want to miss this one.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Let's all find peace, purpose and patience


Snowflake. Homophobe. Libtard.

Those are just some of the words I regularly notice scrolling through Twitter and Facebook throughout the day. The toxic opinions of social media users have become more polarized than ever since last year's election, with each side sparing to best the opposition with demeaning personal remarks and criticism.

Some claim President Trump is to blame for our country’s division. This couldn’t be further from the truth. We are letting Trump divide ourselves. He isn’t forcing us to spout hate to our fellow Americans, we are taking that upon ourselves in hopes of “beating” the other side.  It’s our arrogance that’s dividing us, not our President.

Why have 21st century politics become such a contest, with one side bragging to another after an election victory? Politics isn’t a contest, with the winner receiving a better life and the loser having to put up with it. It is our job to stand in solidarity with one another, with party lines diminished, in hopes that our government can work effectively to provide what’s best for all of us.

The truth is, there are myriad controversial issues facing our country, and of course, it’s appropriate to question the decisions and actions of those in power. But why must it be with so much hostility? Can we not embrace respectful debate, hearing out the differing opinions of others and taking time to rationalize them in our own brain before sounding off online?

We have become so quick to shoot down the opinions of others, simply because we lack understanding of their individual perspective. Instead of being quick to call the man who opposes homosexuality a “homophobic bigot,” take the time to understand the underlying premise of his beliefs. Before judging a kneeling Collin Kaepernick, pause to consider the oppression he has faced that might’ve shaped his opinion.

This isn’t a case of party alliance. It’s not a case of who’s right and who’s wrong. It’s a case of human decency. Have we, as a country, forgotten the values and manners that we were brought up with? What happened to turning the other cheek when others’ opinions differ from ours?

We must stop being so entrenched in our differences of individual opinions and party platforms that we fail to see what unites us all. We are all humans. We were all placed on this Earth to live a happy, prosperous life, full of purpose. Let’s find strength in that truth and make it our mission every day to build up those around us, Democrats and Republicans alike.

(Blake Sandlin, a student at Murray State University from Marshall County, is in the midst of a 10-week internship at The Crittenden Press. He can be reached at (270) 965-3191 or bsandlin1

Area death

Ruth Slayden Chittenden of Hampton died Friday. Boyd Funeral Directors and Cremation Services in Salem is in charge of arrangements.

Audibel offers free hearing tests

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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Courthouse open as cooling center

Crittenden County Courthouse will be open as a cooling center tonight and Friday night to provide relief to any residents who may not have air conditioning during the dangerous heat. The heat index for the next couple of days is forecast to be well into triple digits.

Judge-Executive Perry Newcom said the doors to the building off West Carlisle Street will remain unlocked to provide unfettered access.

Area Death

Opal Ethel Pigg, 92, of Marion died Wednesday. Local arrangements are being handled by Gilbert Funeral Home.

Thomas Allen Jones, 71, of Marion died Monday. Boyd Funeral Directors and Cremation Services is in charge of arrangements.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

CCHS SBDM meets Tuesday

CCHS SBDM will meet Tuesday at 4 p.m.

What's news this week in Crittenden County...

Most city leaders found last week’s goal-setting session for Marion government an eye-opener to a host of serious issues facing the municipality. The city’s top official took it a step further. “It’s depressing,” said Mayor Jared Byford following last Thursday’s three-hour meeting billed by City Administrator Adam Ledford as the first step to fixing an array of problems. “It almost made me sick to my stomach.” What Byford and others found disturbing were the dozens of concerns brought to light and inventoried for the first time with virtually everyone in city government in the same room.

For this story and the following headlines, pick up a copy of this week's issue of The Crittenden Press:
  • Byford: July 31 goal to certify tax petition
  • Eclipse casting shadow
  • Dentist eyes filling local cavity
  • CCHS ready to open new ‘Houses’
  • opens virtual city hall door
  • Several sentenced by court
  • Grand Jury indicts 3 local individuals
  • Salem man hurt in wreck
  • SPORTS: Legacy of Cassidy Moss will loom large for ages
  • Hand-painted, inspirational messages brightening Crittenden Countians’ days
  • CCEDC hosts annual meeting
  • MCC July enrollment event set for Tuesday
  • Teen gets sample of college life
  • COMMENTARY: Hungry Marion diners share diverse tastes
  • Application OK’d for requesting city funds
  • Local woman files scam gripe with AG
  • Motorcycle wreck injures 3 individuals
  • Treasurer touts transparency
  • Foster care review volunteers sought

Backpack Giveaway: Get Your Voucher before July 27

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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Junior Pro Football Registration is Aug. 1

Registration for Junior Pro Football is Tuesday, Aug. 1 at Rocket Arena.

Fifth and sixth graders register at 6 p.m., and third and fourth graders register starting at 6:45 p.m.

Bring your birth certificate.

Equipment assignments will be made at registration.

First practice in T-shirts and shorts is Thursday, Aug. 3. Dr. Johnny Newcom will provide physicals for $20 at practice on Aug. 3 at the park.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Area deaths

Vestel Murray, 79, of Marion died Sunday. Gilbert Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements.

Kimberly Cosby, 50, of Marion died Sunday. Gilbert Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements.

Thomas Allen Jones, 71, of Marion died Monday. Boyd Funeral Directors and Cremation Services is in charge of arrangements.

Rachel R. Millikan, 31, of Salem died Monday. Neal and Lambert Family Funeral Home of Calvert City is in charge of arrangements.

State Treasurer hosts Marion town hall meeting today

Tony's Main Street Italian Grill will be the site of today's Town Hall Meeting hosted by Kentucky State Treasurer Allison Ball. 

The public forum begins at 2pm.

Crittenden County Judge-Executive Perry Newcom is encouraging local residents to attend.

"Her plans are to discuss current programs of interest through the state treasurer's office as well as accepting input on how to better serve the public interest," said he county judge.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Biker flown out after crash

One motorcyclist was flown to a nearby trauma center and three others were injured in a two-bike crash near Riverview Park at Dam 50 in rural Crittenden County this morning.

No other information was immediately available.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

BBQ contests fired up in town this morning

Today's BBQ Contest on the court square in Marion is already appealing to appetites as the smoke boils out of pits. Some of the cooking apparatuses are quite remarkable. The barbecuers have been there all night stoking their fires and slowly cooking their contest entries.

Meat, including ribs and chicken, will go on sale to the public starting at 10am. Contestants will turn in the entries to judges at 11am.

Don't miss the fun on the court square in Marion today! Bring an appetite.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Injury accident reported on US 60

Emergency responders are currently working a vehicle accident on US 60 West.

At least one person is reported injured.

The crash is located four miles from Marion.

Motorists should avoid the area at this time.

Audibel offers free hearing test

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Thursday, July 13, 2017

School tax recall petition submitted

The petition to recall a 6-cent school tax increase approved last month by Crittenden County Board of Education was submitted to County Clerk Carolyn Byford earlier this afternoon. Byford said the petition contains the names of 1,056 individuals. Only 408 are needed to send the tax to a countywide vote.

Hundreds of pages of signatures of people who want to see the levy decided at the ballot box have been compiled since the day after the board approved the tax on June 1 in order to build a new high school. Monday is the deadline to submit the petition for verification, but petitioners feel they have more than enough names. Byford has 30 days, starting tomorrow, to certify the petition with the names of at least 408 registered Crittenden County voters.

Follow us here and in our print edition of The Crittenden Press for updates on the recall petition verification. A story in this week's issue already on newsstands outlines the potential issues facing the process.

Area deaths

Glenn Roscoe Samuel, 67, of Marion died Tuesday. Myers Funeral Home in Marion is in charge of arrangements.

Laura Ann Conrad, 64, of Marion died Monday. Myers Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements.

Jumper leaps off Tennessee River Bridge

UPDATE: A woman who jumped from the bridge – who appeared to be in her mid 20s and driving a car with an Indiana license plate, according to published reports – has survived the leap. See Paducah-area media reports for details.

ORIGINAL POST McCracken County authorities are investigating the report of someone jumping off of the Tennessee River Bridge at Ledbetter this morning.

According to Kentucky Transportation Department, which had a crew working at the bridge, a car reportedly pulled into the work area behind the cones. Inspectors working at the bridge told authorities that the driver jumped out, ran over to the bridge railing and jumped into the Tennessee River.

The crew immediately called 911. The McCracken County Sheriff’s Department is investigating.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

PODCAST: Marion PD hires new patrolman

PODCAST: Click to Listen
Meet Marion Police Department's newest cop - Eric Gray.

Officer Gray began his duties last week and we caught up with him at the PD for a conversation about his job and his background.

See more in the July 13 printed edition of The Crittenden Press.

Grant Rogers, Woodman Life, is proud to sponsor this podcast.

What's news this week in Crittenden County...

The timing of a potential election to recall a property tax increase levied by Crittenden County Board of Education last month runs the risk of requiring a second tax bill mailed to county property owners if the 6-cent tax bump is approved by voters.

For the full story, pick up a copy of this week' issue of The Crittenden Press:
  • MPD adds ex-soldier to force
  • Barbecue, softball highlight weekend
  • Police seek help with locating person
  • Local man top graduate at police academy
  • Study: GOP health care plans would cost local jobs
  • Riley new assistant principal at CCES
  • Trooper Holliman to retire from KSP
  • PASTOR'S PEN: License not same as God-given freedom
  • COMMENTARY: Differences driving apart nation
  • FORGOTTEN PASSAGES: 1922 review promotes local businesses
  • No driver testing Friday in Crittenden
  • Kentucky Bike Rally underway in Sturgis
  • Goal-setting forum to guide city’s future
  • Friday last day to opt out of fire dues
  • Tolu firefighters have new pumper
  • SPORTS: Starnes opens final Rocket season
  • SPORTS: Cross country returns to Crittenden schools

BBQ contest is Saturday

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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Starnes opens 27th and last season

Don't miss this week's printed edition of The Crittenden Press.

As football's preseason kicks off this week, it signals the beginning of a long, successful career by Coach Al Starnes.

Read about it in this week's newspaper.

Middle School Football

Crittenden County Middle School football equipment assignment will be held at 6 p.m., Thursday at the CCMS gym.

All players must have a completed physical turned in that night.

For more information, contact Coach Bryan Qualls.

Distance running back at CCHS

Crittenden County High School is restarting a cross country running program this fall for middle school and high school students.

The school district hasn't offered cross country in many years, but due to renewed interest in distance running, it is reviving the program.

There will be a meeting next Thursday, July 20 at Rocket Arena starting at 6 p.m., for those interested in participating.

See this week's printed edition of The Crittenden Press for more details.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Recreational league softball, baseball all stars

Here is a list of those who made the all-star teams in Crittenden County. Selected by coaches in the youth recreational league, the all-stars are playing tournaments in July. There will be an all-star softball tournament in Marion this week and the baseball all-stars will play here  the last week of this month.

12u BOYS
Jared Champion, coach

  • Seth Guess
  • Seth Blackburn
  • Evan Belt
  • Tyler Belt
  • Kaleb Nesbitt
  • Levi Piper
  • Jeremiah Foster
  • Chase Conyer
  • Travis Champion
  • Casey Cates
  • Gatton Travis, atlernate
  • Case Gobin, atlernate
  • Rowen Perkins, atlernate

Stephen Smith, coach

  • Hannah Mott
  • Elle McDaniel
  • Riley Smith
  • Aubre Conyer
  • Chloe Hunt
  • Layla Winn
  • Elliot Evans
  • Georgia Holeman
  • Anna Boone
  • Katie Perryman
  • Jaycee Champion
  • Kaylee Weathers

10u BOYS
Aaron Summers, coach

  • Caden Brothers
  • Ethan Thomas
  • Landon Curry
  • Travis Bull
  • Kaiden Travis
  • Jonah Reddick
  • Zac Purvis
  • Quinn Summers
  • Andrew Candelario
  • Bennett McDaniel
  • Caleb Whobrey, alternate
  • Tucker Riley, alternate
  • Tyler Smith, alternate

Sonny Duncan, coach

  • Jaxton Duncan
  • Colt Bailey
  • Avery Thompson
  • Drake Young
  • Gunner Topp
  • Davis Perryman
  • Jake Rich
  • Brady Dayberry
  • Isaac James
  • Braden Walton
  • Hudson Stokes
  • Eli Herrin

Jared Champion, coach

  • Shelbi Belt
  • Morgan Piper
  • Abigail Champion
  • Allison Martin
  • Morgan Stewart
  • Lexie Lester
  • Gracie Orr
  • Taryn McCann
  • Olivia Hinchee
  • Braelyn Merrill
  • Jordyn Potter
  • Maeson Martin
  • E. Pollard, atlernate
  • L. Gilcrest, atlernate

CCEDC annual luncheon is Tuesday

Crittenden County Economic Development Corporation's annual meeting and luncheon will be held at the Marion Ed-Tech Center in Industrial Park South at noon Tuesday. Doors open at 11:30.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Friday, July 7, 2017

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Young woman missing from Marion

Law enforcement is asking for the public’s assistance is finding a Marion woman who has been missing since May.

Marion Asst. Police Chief Bobby West says Megan M. Thompson, 21, of N. Weldon Street was last seen in Marion on May 16 and the last contact her family has had with her was May 18.

Investigators believe she may have gone to Louisville where she was supposed to meet a man from Trigg County. 

Thompson is described as a white female, 5-foot-3 and 120 pounds. She has hazel eyes and blonde hair. She has a tattoo of a star on her lower abdomen and has a pierced tongue. 

She was last residing with her mother and was free on bond pending a felony drug charge in Christian County. Police say that Thompson was wearing a court-ordered ankle monitor as part of her bond agreement, but allergy removed it before leaving the area in May.

Police say Thompson’s cell phone has been silent since her disappearance. 

If anyone has information that could assist authorities in finding Thompson, call Marion Police Department at (270) 965-3500.

Yard Sale today

GARAGE SALE 8am until 5pm today and Saturday 9am to 1pm at 103 Leland Avenue in Marion.  Don't miss this one.

Work at Henderson shifts traffic

A contractor for the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet plans a traffic shift along the U.S. 60 work zone in front of the Henderson Community College Campus today.

The traffic shift will move all east-west traffic to the newly constructed lanes of U.S. 60 to allow reconstruction of the existing lanes in front of the community college. The traffic shift is expected to take place around mid-afternoon on Friday. Motorist should be alert for flaggers and traffic control personnel moving barricades and traffic barrels to accomplish the traffic shift. Extra caution is required.

This traffic shift will extend through the U.S. 60/Ky. 425 Henderson Bypass/Ky. 136 intersection at Henderson. Motorists should be prepared for changes in traffic flow this traffic shift will create at the intersection.

This traffic shift will be in place for an extended period to facilitate ongoing work to widen U.S. 60 to four lanes with a center turn lane from the bypass and Ky. 136 intersection at U.S. 60 extending westward about 1 mile.

Hazex Construction is the prime contractor on this $6.07 million highway improvement project.  The target completion date is Oct. 13.

Ledbetter bridge inspection Monday

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet plans to restrict traffic to one lane on the US 60 Tennessee River Bridge at Ledbetter starting Monday.

This lane restriction on the US 60 Tennessee River Bridge at Ledbetter is to allow a detailed inspection of the bridge structure.

Starting Monday, motorists should be prepared to encounter a lane restriction along the eastbound lanes.  Initially, all eastbound traffic will move to the left-hand or passing lane in this work zone.

Inspectors will be using a variety of equipment to facilitate their inspection work, so appropriate caution is required.

Once inspectors complete their work along the eastbound lanes, they will move to the westbound lanes.

Motorists should be prepared to encounter one lane traffic from approximately 8 a.m. to about 3 p.m., each day, for about a week.  Inspectors will be on the bridge anytime weather allows during the week.

As a reminder, the US 60 Tennessee River Bridge has a 45 mile per hour speed limit.

Appropriate caution is required where equipment, flaggers, and inspection personnel are along the bridge deck in close proximity to traffic flow.

All Kentucky bridges get a detailed inspection every two years, with long-span river and lake bridges getting an extra walk-through inspection annually.

The US 60 Tennessee River Bridge is at US 60 McCracken County mile point 20.45, just east of the US 60 intersection with US 62.  The bridge is at US 60 Livingston County mile point 0.0.

The US 60 Tennessee River Bridge opened to traffic on July 31, 2013.  Also known as The Ledbetter Bridge, the 3,690 foot structure carries approximately 8,000 vehicles per day between McCracken County, KY, and Livingston County, KY.

Timely traffic advisories for the 12 counties of KYTC Highway District 1 are available by going to You do not have to be a Facebook member to access this page.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Strollers available from Health Department

Click Image to Enlarge

Printed edition of Press day late

Our printed edition of The Crittenden Press will be one day late this week due to the holiday.

The Press will be available on newsstands at about 1pm on Thursday. Local subscribers will receive the newspaper in the mail on Friday.

Fair later this month will not include carnival

Inflatables will replace the Ferris Wheel
at this year's county fair.
Crittenden County Lions Club Fair will start Saturday, July 29 with a car show and truck and tractor pulls and will culminate Saturday with the crowd-pleasing demolition derby.

In between, fairgoers may notice a few holes.

The eight-day event will offer much of the same local residents have come to love and expect – events, 4-H exhibits, goat and pet shows, etc. – but for the second year, the typical midway rides and games will be missing. Last year, the carnival promoter didn't show, leaving Lions Club officials scrambling at the last minute to come up with an alternative. Inflatables, games and even a mechanical bull were brought in to fill the void.

This year, the club opted early on to go with inflatables and other side entertainment for families and children.

"The reason is due to the very high cost of getting rides," said Natalie Parish, Lions treasurer and fair co-chair. "This is not a problem just in our community but many across the Midwest."

Though the absence of the tilt-a-whirl and Ferris wheel were disappointing to some, Parish said last year's Plan B seemed to work out well and even received compliments. She said large carnivals like the one used recently at the Union County fair cost more than the Lions Club can make during the entire fair week.

Main events during the week will include six beauty pageants, including Miss Crittenden County and rodeo style horse racing. No night-time events are scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday of the fair.

The main event schedule for the fair follows:

  • Saturday, July 29: Truck and tractor pulls, car show.
  • Sunday, July 30: Mrs./Ms., Little Mr. and Miss, and newborn-to-4 pageants.
  • Monday, July 31: Miss Pre-teen and Teen pageants.
  • Tuesday, Aug. 1: Miss Crittenden County pageant.
  • Wednesday, Aug. 2: No event.
  • Thursday, Aug. 3: No event.
  • Friday, Aug. 4: Jackpot barrel and pole show and horse racing.
  • Saturday, Aug. 5: Demolition Derby.

All main events start at 7 p.m., except Sunday's pageants, which start at 3 p.m. Children 5 and under enter all events free of charge, with adult entry ranging from $5 for pageants, $12 for the pulls and $10 for the derby.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Mrs. Coach Starnes earns recognition from peers

Clipped from the printed edition of The Crittenden Press

Click Above Image to Enlarge

Monday, July 3, 2017

Area Deaths

Patricia L. Barkley, 72, of Marion died Friday. Gilbert Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements.

Sandra Kay Little, 77, of Marion died Friday. Gilbert Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements.

Moss is First Team All-State in Class A softball

Crittenden County slugger and pitcher Cassidy Moss was selected First Team All State for Class A Softball by the Kentucky Softball Coaches Association.

Moss, who recently graduated after a stellar five-year sports career, was an integral part of the Lady Rockets’ record-breaking spring softball season. She hit six home runs and batted .526 as the girls finished the season with a 27-8 record, by far the program’s best finish.

Moss was a stopper on the mound, throwing 86 percent of her team’s innings and striking out 277 batters in 177 innings. Her ERA was .591.

Moss has signed to play collegiate softball and basketball at Brescia University in Owensboro. She is Crittenden County’s all-time leading scorer in basketball and as a senior led the basketball team to its best season ever.

Moss and Owensboro Catholic’s Alexa Foster were the only two representatives from western Kentucky named to the All State First Team in Class A.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Area deaths

Trice C. McDonald, 83, of Salem died Friday. Boyd Funeral Directors and Cremation Services of Salem is in charge of arrangements.

James Allen Barrett, 77, of Carrsville died Saturday. Boyd Funeral Directors and Cremation Services of Salem is in charge of arrangements.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Area Death

Cpt. Garland Shewmaker, 83, of Salem died Friday. Boyd Funeral Directors and Cremation Services in Salem is in charge of arrangements.

Fireworks tonight at Tolu

Tonight's fireworks show at Tolu will begin at dark.

There will be hundreds flocking to the tiny Ohio River town for the attraction.

Concession will be available beginning around 4pm.

Fireworks are regulated by City of Marion

Independence Day is next week and fireworks in Marion and in other areas have been selling for a few weeks now. That means the snap, crackle and boom of the pyrotechnics are already filling the air.

But inside the City of Marion, residents are urged to follow the municipal ordinance on use of fireworks. The law inside the city restricts the use of fireworks to between the hours of noon and 10 p.m. June 27 through July 5, save the Fourth of July when they can be used an hour later. It is also illegal to shoot them within 200 feet of any structure, vehicle or person.

There is no such ordinance in the county, according to Judge-Executive Perry Newcom, so restrictions on fireworks are limited to being a courteous neighbor and responsible adult.

Three years ago, Marion City Council repealed an ordinance from the early 1970s that prohibited the use of fireworks in the city. Lifting the restriction has offered residents reason to celebrate around the holiday, but it has been less than music to the ears of neighbors awakened by booms late into the night and into the wee hours of morning.

In Marion, the penalty for violating the fireworks ordinance can be up to $250, per Kentucky statute. But City Administrator Adam Ledford, who has been in local government for many years in Sac City, Iowa, and in Marion since December, said authorities responding to complaints or observing fireworks outside of prescribed times, regardless of the location, typically offer a wide berth to violators before issuing citations.

"In most cases, regardless of which enforcement practice is used, the end result is a verbal warning, which would be why you have seen little in the way of formal action," he said. "I am satisfied with Marion’s ordinance from the standpoint it seems to be consistent with what I always assumed was the normal approach or practice."

Boom Boom and Pets
Crittenden County Animal Control Officer Timmy Todd says this time of year always makes his job a little tougher. He advises pet owners to keep careful watch over their animals, particularly dogs, whose keen hearing makes them easily susceptible to being frightened by fireworks and running away. He said the animal shelter received almost 30 calls about missing dogs around this time last year.

“A lot of them are just afraid of that boom, boom,” he said, adding that owners should bring their pets inside or keep them penned or on a leash when the fireworks start to prevent them from fleeing.