Monday, February 16, 2015

Roads, streets are treacherous

South Main Street in Marion covered.
Kentucky Transportation officials have halted spreading salt on major highways because the depth of accumulation will hold moisture on the roadways, creating an opportunity for re-freezing overnight.

Keith Todd, spokesman for the highway department, said crews have been authorized to work 16-hour shifts for the duration of this winter storm event.  

Driving surfaces are snow packed and hazardous across the region, Todd said. 

"We continue to urge everyone to avoid unnecessary travel," Todd added.

In Marion, conditions are just as poor for travel. Many cars have been observed stranded. Snow is piling up so high that vehicles are becoming stuck even on parking lots in town.

Very few businesses appear to be open. Convenience and grocery stores are open. The courthouse appears to virtually vacant. It is President's Day, a federal holiday, so some offices were already closed.