Thursday, June 11, 2015

Dinner theater at Fohs Hall a guaranteed laugh

Granted access to a full dress rehearsal tonight,
The Crittenden Press can guarantee you won't want to miss the hilarious "Murder in the Magnolias" mystery theater portrayed by local players at Fohs Hall Friday and Saturday.

"Jurassic World" may be the summer's biggest  blockbuster debuting on the silver screen this weekend, but the best show around will be right at home inside Fohs Hall.

Don’t miss the chance to see local residents Ken Crider, Phyllis Sykes, Frank Pierce, B.J. Tinsley and Mike Crabtree acting on stage as the Fohs Hall Community Arts Foundation presents "Murder in the Magnolias" Friday and Saturday.

Find out what roles Becky Tyner-Belt, Gaye Porter, Karen Nasseri and Lynda Dennis are playing in the murder mystery. Plus see the Fohs Hall play debut performances of Stephen Watson, David Combs, Brad Gilbert and Emily Combs.

Friday night's mystery dinner theatre begins at 6:30 p.m. and is $25 per person. There are still a few seats available for this hilarious performance, but they are going fast.

Saturday's mystery dessert theatre begins at 6:30 p.m. and is $17 per person. If you can't make it Friday, this is your last chance to reserve a spot for the best show in town this weekend.

Reservations are required. Contact Kim Vince at (270) 965-0243. Tickets will not be sold at the door.

A review from Texas Theatre Week
What happens when you parody characters and plots from almost every Southern play imaginable, and sprinkle them with the flavor of "Gone With the Wind"? 

You get the hilarious "Murder in the Magnolias." Col. Rance Chickenwing has kicked the bucket, leaving the secret of his buried treasure for a houseful of demented relatives to discover. 

There's Bubba Kamrowski, who juggles bowling balls in a luncheonette; the delicate Blanche De Blank, whose fiancĂ© drowned in the quarry behind the Veronica Lake Casino; Thornbird, the flaky poet, whose personality is split so many ways, he's fractured; the cartoonish Lawyer Possum whose only paying client is an alligator. 

There's the movie queen, Princess Lotta Kargo, who claims she's the Colonel's wife. And Amanda Chickenwing, who attempts to sell subscriptions to the Tudball Tattler. 

Soon, there's another death and the mystery at Belle Acres must be solved by Sheriff Billy Jerk. Toss in a prehistoric garden complete with murderous honeysuckle vines, yapping hound dogs, a Voodoo Woman, a menacing hurricane, a suspicious state engineer and a series of devastatingly hilarious "monologues," and you've got a pretty good idea of the fun in this off-the-wall spoof.