Monday, June 6, 2016

Track and Field awards ceremony

Here are the Crittenden County track and field award
winners from this season. They are (front from left)
Shelby Wallace, Jessie Potter, Nikki Shuecraft, Dylan
Hicks, (back) Devon Nesbitt, Amanda Lynch, Branen
Lamey, Jantzen Croft, Jesse Belt, Sarah Hodge,
Jacob Henry, Aaron Lucas and Will Tolley.
Track & Field
  Crittenden County High School’s track and field team held its award ceremony last week at the park.
  Among those honored were the following:

100 Point Club
Madison Champion 100
Nikki Shuecraft 100
Branen Lamey 118
Amanda Lynch 121
Jessie Potter 126
Will Tolley 136
Shelby Wallace 137

150 Point Club
Jacob Russelburg 156
Dylan Hicks 168

175 Point Club
Devon Nesbitt 176
Aaron Lucas 183

Shelby Wallace
Aaron Lucas

Jantzon Croft,  Margaret Sitar, Jacob Henry, Nikki Shuecraft, Dylan Hicks, Sarah Hodge, Gary McConnell, Jesse Belt

Barnes, Emmalea
Beavers, Adam
Belt, Jesse
Brooks, Landon
Champion, Madison
Crider, Ross
Croft, Jantzen
Curnel, Cortne
Duncan, Jaelyn
Ford, Devin
Gobin, Anzie
Graham, Kaylee
Hayes, Trinity
Henry, Jacob
Hicks, Dylan
Hodge, Sarah
Hutchings, Nadia
Keller, Kate
Lamey, Branen
Lucas, Aaron
Lynch, Amanda
McConnell, Gary
Nesbitt, Devon
Perkins, Will
Perryman, Kenlee
Potter, Jessie
Russelburg, Jacob
Shuecraft, Nikki
Steele, Tyson
Tabor, Alexis
Tolly, Will
Wallace, Shelby