Sunday, July 10, 2016

Cutoff Road reopens to all traffic

A critical transportation connection provided by KY 937/Cutoff Road in LIVINGSTON County has been restored.    The temporary culvert replacement at KY 937 mile point 2.8 has been completed and the roadway reopened near the KY 937 intersection with KY 453.  The roadway reopened about 1:00 p.m., today, about an hour earlier than expected.

A washout near the US 60 end of KY 937/Cutoff Road was repaired and reopened to traffic about 11:30 a.m., today.

KY 937 has been serving as a detour for KY 453 which is closed for reconstruction south of Smithland.  KY 937 was severed when a culvert washed out early Thursday morning.  While the culvert was being repaired engineers were called to the Lee Creek Bridge just south of US 60 where a void had washed out beneath the roadway, forcing the roadway to close at that location.

Repairs to both ends of KY 937/Cutoff Road are now completed.  Motorists are urged to use appropriate caution at these two repair sites as some settling of the roadway is likely to create rough pavement.   Kentucky Transportation Cabinet personnel will be checking the area regularly to repair the driving surface as needed.  Once these fill areas have settled a more permanent surface will be added.

Thanks to everyone for your patience during what has been a tough week for highway crews across the region.