Monday, July 18, 2016

Ky. 133 closed to all traffic possibly into Wednesday

Ky. 133/Shelby Store Road is closed to all traffic at this time.  The Livingston County Highway Maintenance Crew is digging out and replacing the smaller of two cross drains at mile point 0.665 south of Salem. This is near the Livingston-Crittenden County line.

The roadway will be closed to all traffic today, Tuesday and possibly into Wednesday, to allow erosion damage to the cross drains and the roadway to be repaired.  The smaller of the two drainage pipes is being replaced today.  The larger and deepest of the two will be replaced on Tuesday.  Depending on the scope of work the closure could continue into Wednesday.

Ky. 133/Shelby Store Road becomes Axel Creek Road in Crittenden County, so it is closed to all traffic at the county line.