Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Some county taxpayers still waiting on bills

Crittenden County Sheriff Wayne Agent said some taxpayers may not have received their county tax bills, and those property owners need to act before the end of the year.

Agent said his office recently came to the realization that some property owners whose last name begins with the letter B did not get a tax bill. He is not sure where the problem originated, but suspects it lies with the third party contracted to print the bills.

"All the tax bills we had were taken to post office, but we don't know what has taken place after that," the sheriff said. "We don't know why they didn't get them."

He said the foul-up appears to affect only a few Crittenden County property owners whose last name begins with a B. Any such person still waiting on their tax bill should call the sheriff's office at (270) 965-3400 by Thursday, Dec. 29 to find out what they need to do.

"As far as we can tell, it's only a certain few of the B's," Agent said.

He apologized for the error, but said it appears to have been beyond the control of his office. He added that having the bills printed by an outside third party is different than how the county has prepared them in the past.

The sheriff's office will be closed Friday through Monday for Christmas and Dec. 30-Jan. 2 for the New Year holiday.