Monday, January 23, 2017

Rosebud area is deadly stretch of US 60

Crittenden County Sheriff Wayne Agent last week investigated an accident a on U.S. 60 at Rosebud. The male driver was not seriously injured; however, Agent says he continues to be concerned about the conditions of the highway along that stretch in the northeast part of the county.

“You can bet, when it rains we have a wreck out there,” the sheriff said. “It’s slick. Slick as ice.”

The sheriff said motorists are usually not even speeding, but the road becomes so slippery there, crashes are inevitable.

“Knock on wood, since the state put that no-skid surface on the other curve at Rosebud, I haven’t worked an accident there,” the sheriff added.

The sheriff said a resident who lives near the northeastern most curve at Rosebud was in his office in December complaining about how slick the road becomes when it rains. The next day a man died in a crash there, the sheriff said.