Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Pool may not open without public assistance

City officials are still hoping there can be a deal struck to keep the Marion Country Club pool open, but time is running out.

Club officials have said the pool would not open without help from the city. If that happens, it would likely spell an end for the Marion Stingrays, the local swim team of more than five-dozen children.

City Administrator Adam Ledford said the city has credited the club for about $2,600 in over-billed water from last year and offered, among other things, to help detect a leak that kept the small children’s pool closed last year.

However, Ledford said club representatives have not responded to city offers since the two sides meet a few weeks ago and discussed options for keeping the pool going.

Ledford said the country club wants the city to subsidize operation of the pool, which consistently loses thousands of dollars, in exchange for expanding public days at the pool. The pool is actually owned by the private club, but has traditionally been open to the public a few days a week.

The city is not willing to subsidize the operation, according to officials.