Thursday, March 23, 2017

Unplanned pregnancy? HOPE is on the way


A faith-based clinic aimed at helping teens and women in Crittenden and other area counties through unplanned pregnancies is just a couple of months away from opening in Eddyville. However, financial and volunteer support from the communities it serves will be critical to keeping the doors open.

At an informational meeting was recently held in Marion by HOPE Clinic Executive Director Lisa Holland who says the non-profit entity chooses to rely on fundraising, donations and volunteer hours in order to avoid government interference that could restrict the Christian ministry’s focus on the sanctity of life.

HOPE (Healthy Options for Preparing and Empowering) Clinic is a free and confidential place for people who may find themselves in an unplanned pregnancy. An Eddyville clinic will serve Crittenden County clients, as well as those from Lyon, Caldwell and Livingston counties that currently do not have a pregnancy clinic. However, the Benton clinic also serves clients form these counties.

HOPE Clinic does not offer, nor does it encourage abortion as an option. Instead, employees provide information, non-judgmental support and faith-based encouragement for clients and families so that they may make a better, informed decision. In fact, from 2011 to 2016, 79 of 91 clients who came to the clinic considering abortion chose to keep their baby.

To keep the satellite clinic going, it will need financial support. Last year, $177,727 was taken in through donations from individuals, churches and other organizations. The previous five years, $709,900 was raised. The group is looking for churches and other organizations to help.

The next fundraiser will be specifically for HOPE Clinic of Lyon County. It will be at the Lee S. Jones Convention Center in Eddyville at 6 p.m. March 28. It will include a light dinner and commentary from a guest speaker. Seating is limited, so reservations are required by Tuesday by calling (270) 527-4111 or sending a Facebook message to HOPE Clinic of Lyon County.

For more information on HOPE Clinic, call or text (859) 935-1613, call the Benton office at (270) 527-4111or email Holland at The clinic can be found online at

For more on this organization and its fundraising hopes, see the March 16 printed edition of The Crittenden Press.