Monday, May 1, 2017

Livingston church has 24-7 food box

From Isaiah to Luke, books of the Old and New Testaments are filled with commandments for Christians to feed and care for those in need.

Cave Springs Baptist with only about a dozen regular worshipers is heeding the call round the clock with its new Blessing Box in front of the rural church in northern Livingston County.

Mary Love is one of six members of the Women’s Sunday School Auxiliary that spearheaded the project. They’ve taken a China cabinet and repurposed it for outside use and keeping it full on non-perishable food. It’s there for the taking 24 hours a day, she said.

“We will keep it stocked and it will be with different things,” Love said. “For instance we might put a box pancake mix in there with syrup – just food that families need.”

The box went up on April 17 and the church wants to spread the word that food is available anytime it’s needed. The church is located on Cave Springs Church Road just south of Joy off of Ky. 133.

The Blessing Box is always available