Monday, May 15, 2017

Local recycling effort gets a facelift

It won’t be for lack of opportunity that residents of Crittenden County don’t start rescuing the environment from garbage. And it will be hard to miss that opportunity with a colorfully-decorated reminder coming to each community from time to time.

Judge-Executive Perry Newcom is hoping to boost recycling in the county with a mobile recycling bin brightly painted in yellow and blue. The trailer will be placed in communities throughout the county on a rotating basis.

“I thought, let’s do something colorful,” Newcom said of the decision to decorate the trailer with  vivid colors and inviting cartoon recycling characters.

The mobile bin will have separate dumping compartments for cardboard, glass, aluminum and steel and plastics. Nos. 1 and 2 will be taken and are indicated on plastic materials.

It was paid for with a grant through a state recycling program. It cost around $8,000 and is similar to one used by the schools and another going to the hospital.

“The idea is to make recycling easier,” Newcom said. “That means less to the landfill and less through the convenience center.”

Already, recycling bins are located at the county’s convenience center, taking in recyclable materials at no charge during regular business hours. But Newcom realizes that is not terribly convenient for those living in outlying areas around the county.

His plans are to place the mobile bin on a weekly rotation in Dycusburg, Frances, Mattoon, Shady Grove, Sheridan, Tolu and Crayne. The trailer will be placed in prominent locations and will be hard to miss. Materials can be dropped in around the clock.

A schedule of placement will appear here in The Crittenden Press and other public places. The trailer will be put into commission starting today. Look for it at a location near you!