Thursday, June 29, 2017

City of Marion survey deadline Friday

The City of Marion’s Goal Setting Session will be held on Thursday, July 13 at the Marion Ed-Tech Building.  The purpose of the session will be to identify and prioritize the city’s overall goals and objectives for the next three years.  In order to prepare for this session, you are requested to identify key issues and potential objectives that will be reviewed and discussed at the session.

Major Accomplishments
Please list the major city accomplishments over the past two years.  These accomplishments could be as large as a street project or as simple as a newly adopted city policy.  The items do not need to be in any particular order.

Issues, Concerns, Trends, and Opportunities
Please list specific issues, concerns, trends, and opportunities that affect future city services, policies, finances or operations (for example, loss of population, major new economic development success or resolving a policy question).  You do not need to identify potential solutions to your concerns.

Significant Initiatives or Programs
Please list any initiatives, programs or policies that you think the City should consider in the next three years (for example, downtown revitalization, updating employee job descriptions, adopting a policy on open burning, conducting an annexation study, reviewing water and sewer rates, etc.) 

Organizational Effectiveness
Please list several things that the Mayor/City Council and/or staff could do in the future to improve organizational effectiveness, decision-making process, teamwork and the ability to accomplish the City’s stated goals and objectives.

Return of questionnaire
Return this questionnaire to Marion City Administrator Adam Ledford by Friday.
  • By person: Marion City Hall, 217 S. Main St., Marion, Ky.
  • Fax: (270) 965-5235
  • Email: