Friday, June 2, 2017

KSP troopers rescue Rocco

Stuck in a tree, Rocco was rescued by 2 KSP troopers
Two off duty Kentucky State Troopers rescued a dog trapped inside a tree Thursday afternoon. KSP Sergeant Michael Williams and Trooper Gerick Sullivan were mowing a cemetery in Salem when they heard the barks of a dog coming from a wooded area.  After several minutes of looking, the troopers found a dachshund, later identified as Rocco, trapped inside the trunk of a tree.

The dog had gotten inside the tree through a nearby groundhog hole and was unable to get out. The troopers summoned the assistance of Salem Fire Department, after attempts to free the dog were unsuccessful. Salem Firefighter Daniel Newcomb cut part of the tree, allowing for the dog to be freed safely.  The dog was then returned to his owner.  The opening in the tree was made larger, should Rocco or another dog find themselves inside the tree again.