Thursday, June 1, 2017

McKinney enshrined into memorial

Spc. Donnie P. McKinney
Spc. Donnie P. McKinney of Marion was enshrined Monday into the Patriots Peace Memorial in Louisville. The 20-year-old Army National Guard soldier died in 1986 when he was struck by lightning during an exercise at Fort Campbell.

“He was a soldier, through and through, and I know he was looking down today, and he'll be proud of this memorial, and he'll be proud of us being here and honoring his sacrifice,” his brother, Sean McKinney, a Crittenden County High School graduate and Kentucky State Police captain who lives in Henderson, told WLKY TV in Louisville.

The soldier’s name was added to the memorial along with another Kentucky man who died in uniform while serving in peace time.

These warriors did not die in battle, but organizers say their sacrifice is no less significant.

“They were ready. They were deployable. They were men and women that were ready to go, and it never happened for them,”  Gary Eady, chairman of the Patriots Peace Memorial committee, told WKLY. “Instead, their lives were cut short in some other way.”

For a video clip of the WLKY segment, click here.