Thursday, October 12, 2017

Brock hands over Bookmobile keys

After working as a Bookmobile driver for the last nine years, Nancy Brock has retired from her work at Crittenden County Public Library. The former teacher has handed off the keys to Susan Smith, former Director of Medical Records at Crittenden Health Systems.

Prior to the library, Brock taught for Crittenden County Schools for 31 years. She has loved every minute of her second career but is looking forward to retirement.

“It’s been the best part-time job anyone could have," she said of working at the library. "Everyone in the library and on the book route has always been so great. I loved every aspect of it, especially watching how excited the kids were about getting on the Bookmobile and picking out their own books.”  

Brock said that although retirement is often thought of as a time of respite, she will be doing anything but resting. Outside of being able to delve into her hobbies occasionally, she will now have more time to spend with her husband Bob and soon-to-be six grandchildren – all boys. Brock will be doing some traveling as well, though she doesn’t have anything specific planned as she favors spontaneity.

Being the Bookmobile driver provided Brock many opportunities of reuniting with friends and acquaintances of all ages.

“On my routes I got to see three generations worth. People I grew up with, their children and grandchildren. That was my favorite part about the job, getting to reunite with old classmates and students I taught,” Brock recalls.

Smith is excited to start the job and looks forward to the experience. She worked closely with Brock for the last couple weeks in order to get familiar with the job and route itself. In the short amount of time they worked together, she has been able to meet and bond with some of the people Brock considers dear.

Though Smith worked in the Webster County Library, this is her first time to drive the Bookmobile and she is looking forward to it as much as Brock is her retirement.

“I was in the medical field for many years, and now I’m getting to do something I’ve always wanted to do. I’m looking forward to meeting people that I haven’t had the opportunity to meet,” Smith said.

“In the medical field I always knew so many people’s names, but I never personally knew them. But now, with this job, I will get to meet and learn about people that I can make a relationship with. I hope to do that half as well as Nancy.”