Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Wow! What a Week for News

This week's Crittenden Press is a full 22 pages and it's packed with news you can use. There are hours of informational and entertaining reading in this issue. And it is all about the people in your neighborhoods.

Here's just a token of what you will find in this week's printed edition, which is available now at local retail outlets:
  • Local Election Details
  • Local Election Reaction
  • Election Results from Livingston County
  • Other election winners with local ties
And, once you've had enough election material, turn your attention to these major news stories that you will find nowhere else:
  • New Pastor at Marion Baptist
  • There's a baseball Hall of Famer from Marion
  • Celebrity Deer Hunter speaking in town
  • State cross country results
  • Rocket football playoff preview
  • Junior Pro Football celebrates BIG! Get statistics and more.
  • Veterans Day Salute
  • West Point Grad Comes Home and will Speak at School
  • Halloween Spooks on Parade
  • Cheerleading honors
  • A Local World Finalist Barrel Rider
  • Chess season is underway
  • Crittenden adds school sport swimming
  • Christmas Parade information, and Much, Much More!

    PLUS : Our ever-popular Fall Home Improvement Special Section!

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