Thursday, January 22, 2015

New signal on Main Street is smarter

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet has completed work to replace the aging traffic signal at the intersection in downtown Marion.

The new signal was put into service about 1 p.m., today, and the old signal heads were removed.  

Initially, engineers thought the installation might require some overnight closures of the busy intersection with no viable detour for semi trucks traveling US 60.  However, with some creative parking of bucket trucks at the corners, the installation was completed with minimal traffic disruptions during daylight.

The upgrade includes wireless pucks to detect traffic on the east and west legs of the intersection to improve efficiency of traffic flow.  This means the new signal can remain green for heavier through traffic on US 60/Main Street unless traffic on the side street is present to activate it. 

Approximately 11,000 vehicles pass through the intersection in downtown Marion in an average day.