Wednesday, January 28, 2015

What's News this Week in Marion ?

Guess who's going to college on a scholarship...
Wow! After a few slow weeks in the local news business things really picked up this week. There are volumes of
reading in this week's printed edition of The Crittenden Press.

Here are a few of the interesting story lines we've been following for you this week:

  • Parents will need to be aware that schools are reviewing emergency response plans and there will be some updates.
  • Local graveyard badly damaged by vandals.
  • Diving fuel prices may mean more potholes on your road but school officials are celebrating savings.
  • Need a shirt cleaned? Look elsewhere.
  • Adult education getting a curveball.
  • From cars to congressmen, car lot was an institution.
  • Hunt's days numbered as agent.
  • Fire leaves Marion couple in need of help.
  • Sheriff needs help to solve burglaries.
  • Underdown: Haunted bridge over Piney.
  • Duvall and Estes capture poetry-story prizes.
  • A local student signs athletic scholarship.
  • New deer numbers could mean bigger bucks.
Copies of The Press will be available on newsstands this afternoon. 

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