Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Ledbettter bridge traffic disrupted

A contractor for the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet plans torestrict traffic to one lane on the New US 60 Tennessee River Bridge at Ledbetter on today.

The lane restriction is to allow milling and paving to smooth the pavement transition points at each end of the bridge.  KYTC engineers have been working to smooth bumps at the end of the bridge for several months.  However, rain this spring has put milling and paving crews behind schedule.  

It took extra time to work out a schedule to allow the milling and paving crews to be at the site on the same day.  Once the bridge ends are milled they have to re-paved immediately to avoid interrupting traffic.


This work at each end of the Ledbetter Bridge is expected to start at approximately 8 a.m.  The effort to smooth the bridge ends should be completed by mid-afternoon, weather permitting.

Motorists should be alert for one lane traffic in each direction during the work.  Some delays are possible during the movement and positioning of equipment to facilitate the work.

As a reminder, the posted speed limit on the bridge is 45 miles per hour.  Due to continued reports of motorists speeding on the bridge, KYTC has requested an enhanced enforcement presence during this work.

Motorists should be alert for equipment, flaggers, and maintenance personnel on the bridge deck in close proximity to traffic flow.  Appropriate caution is required.

The New US 60 Tennessee River Bridge, also known as The Ledbetter Bridge, connects McCracken County to Livingston County between Paducah and Ledbetter.  The bridge is at US 60 Livingston County mile point 0.0 and McCracken County mile point 20.718.  The bridge was opened to traffic in July 2013 and now carries approximately 7,300 vehicles across the Tennessee River in an average day.