Wednesday, July 15, 2015

New traffic law starts today

The Kentucky Motorcycle Association (KMA) is reminding drivers of a new law in the state to take effect today.

Beginning today, motorcyclists will be allowed to legally drive through red lights where a signal change is triggered by sensors in the pavement that detect vehicles at an intersection. Lightweight vehicles like motorcycles are often not detected by the sensors, forcing riders to sit at a stop signal for extended periods.

To alleviate the problem, Kentucky this year became the 15th state to implement the so-called “safe on red” law that allows motorcyclists to legally drive through red lights. In Marion, the signal at the intersection of Main and Bellville streets is triggered by in-pavement sensors.

“This is a safety issue to keep motorcyclists from being struck from behind, or struck while waiting for a light to change,” read a news release from KMA. “Most times at such accidents, the driver claims he didn't see the motorcycle.”