Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Storm system leaves mark as it passes

Do not adjust your screen.

The skies above Marion at 4:30 this afternoon turned an eerie orange after a severe storm system passed through, dumping hail, torrential rains and setting off sirens across the county after the National Weather Service issue a tornado warning for the area. There were no reports of a tornado touching down, though.

Water is over the road in several spots across the county, and tress are down. Authorities and rescue squad members are currently responding to a call of a vehicle surrounded by rising water on Axle Creek Road. The driver, however, is not believed to be in immediate danger.

UPDATE 5:70 pm: Authorities and rescue have called off the search for the vehicle, as it could not be found in floodwaters. However, the driver was reportedly earlier taken to safety by her husband.