Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Ohio continues rise, county roads closed

A 50-second "Turn Around Don't Drown" PSA from the National Weather Service illustrates the dangers of driving across as little as 12 inches of water across the road. To access the video, click here.

Flood warnings for Crittenden County along the Ohio River continue as river gauges at both Shawneetown and Golconda, Ill., are above flood stage. Several roads in Crittenden County are currently closed due to flooding. The Cave In Rock Ferry continues to run, but service will likely be interrupted in the coming days as waters rise.

Although the heavy rain has left western Kentucky, the dangers of flooding still remain in and near major river systems in the area. The heavy rain, snow and ice that fell across the middle of the country the last several days are draining from creeks and streams into major rivers like the Ohio and Mississippi. As these larger rivers continue to rise, the water will back up into small rivers and creeks – like the Tradewater River and Crooked Creek in Crittenden County – that feed into them.

Ohio River floodwaters from upstream are making their way to our area, causing the river level to rise locally. Drainage of the river will be slowed by the swollen Mississippi and exacerbated by downstream releases from Barkley and Kentucky dams that drain into the Ohio, further backing up drainage. However, no further rain is forecast through Jan. 8.

Motorists are reminded to slow down and be alert in areas where floodwaters are at the edge of the roadway or may partially covering the driving surface from time to time.

According to Judge-Executive Perry Newcom, at 10:30 a.m. today, the following county roads were closed due to high water:
  • Providence Road
  • Enon Church Road
  • Cool Springs Rd.
  • Weston Road just past Baker Hollow Road
  • Phin Croft Road
  • Monroe Wesmoland Road
  • Elizabethtown Ferry Road
By the weekend, the ferry across the Ohio River could be affected. The river at Shawneetown at 8:30 a.m. was at 37.4 feet and is forecast to crest at around 44.5 feet early Sunday morning. Ferry service is interrupted at around 42.5 feet. Flood stage is 33 feet.

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