Saturday, January 23, 2016

Motorists urged to stay off the roads tonight

Despite the best efforts of road crews to clear and treat snow-covered roadways, motorists are still encouraged to stay off the roads tonight as the threat of refreezing increases.

As temperatures fall to near zero tonight, road conditions are expected to worsen, especially in high elevation areas including Interstate 75 from Williamsburg to Berea. Driving conditions will be slick and treacherous in all portions of the Commonwealth.

Motorists should stay home and off the roads if possible. Being on the roadways tonight increases the chances of long delays, crashes and the inability of road crews to treat and plow the roads.

As the sun sets, plowed snow changed over to slush will refreeze and chemicals are rendered ineffective at those low temperatures. However, snow and ice crews will remain on the clock until roads return to their normal conditions.

Over the course of the day, road conditions improved drastically for most high priority routes, but remain slick and partially covered in some areas. Many lower priority routes as well as some major highways across the state have not been addressed. Citizens should not expect these roadways to be cleared immediately.

If you must be out, the Kentucky State Police offers the following winter weather driving tips:
  • Avoid travel unless necessary when winter weather is in your area.
  • Slow down.
  • Always wear your seat belt.

Collision information
  • Be patient – bad weather also limits the capabilities of law enforcement officers and emergency crews and increases response time. Also, keep in mind that they will be experiencing a high volume of requests for service.
  • Attempt to move your vehicle out of the roadway if you are involved in a minor, non-injury traffic collision; especially if you are in a dangerous area such as a curve or a blind hill.
  • If your vehicle is stranded or wrecked but not in the roadway, attempts to recover your vehicle will have to wait until conditions improve for safety considerations.
KSP is requesting travelers to observe for potentially stranded motorists. If you see or suspect that someone is stranded, please call 911 or contact the Kentucky State Police at (800) 222-5555.