Friday, January 22, 2016

Snowfall totals vary, only minor incidents reported locally

Early Friday afternoon in Marion, Winter Storm
Jonah had dumped at least 8 inches of snow. Heavy
snow in near whiteout conditions throughout the
afternoon dumped a few more inches on town. Show
us how much snow you got and where you live.
Besides vehicles slipping and sliding on the pavement and the few local businesses that were open today in Marion, county officials have reported no major incidents in Crittenden County related to Winter Storm Jonah, though some wrecks have been reported. This morning, a semi got stuck on U.S. 60 just west of Marion blocking traffic for an hour or so.

Snowfall totals have varied across the county, but most areas are reporting between 9 inches and a foot on top of a thin layer of ice that fell in the early morning hours Friday. Drifting has been a problem in some areas.

Show or tell us how much snow you got at your house and where you live.