Saturday, April 23, 2016

Marion competing for free concert

Social media entrepreneur Jonathan Burdon thinks his hometown can earn a free concert by an up-and-coming country band. All it will take is a few clicks.

Burdon, formerly of Marion, now lives in Nashville where he manages a social media platform known as Social Coaster. Through his network in Tennessee, Burdon has become friends with RJ Romeo, a well-known figure in the country music business. Romeo is launching a new product called VibeRoom which allows fans to essentially create demand for an act within a certain area of the country – which in turn creates opportunities for locations that normally wouldn't attract big-name artists.

“He is currently running an alpha test of his product,” Burdon said. “To test the theory, he has partnered with LoCash (formally LowCash Cowboys) to run a contest where one city can get a free concert.

“I have asked him to add Marion because I have a theory that a smaller town can pull together enough votes and beat the larger markets,” Burdon said.

On a smartphone, tablet or computer, Marion supporters can go online to the and quickly vote for their hometown.

“The more people share and spread the word, the greater the chance of winning, Burdon explained.

The contest ends Apr. 30.

"Marion, Kentucky is my home, I love this place. Being in a rural area can often limit us from hosting major musical acts. That is why I was  really excited when VibeRoom agreed to include us in their contest,” Burdon said. “Based on what I have seen thus far with the contest, I really think Marion has a great shot of winning if everyone takes a second to vote and encourages their friends to vote. It would be an amazing opportunity to bring a nationally known act like LoCash to our town for a free concert.”