Saturday, May 14, 2016

Know the candidates for Tuesday's vote

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Tuesday is Primary Election Day in Kentucky. While President is the top office on the ballot, Republicans have already chosen Donald Trump in their caucus March 5, and Hillary Clinton has all but wrapped up the Democratic nomination. However, voters in both parties still need to choose candidates for U.S. Senate, and Republicans also have a nominee for U.S. House of Representatives to select.

On the image to the right, The Crittenden Press shares some basic information readily available for all candidates appearing on Tuesday’s ballot, a sample of which is also shown above. The information includes age, city of residence, occupation, military experience, political experience, education, family, religion and the candidate’s website.

Further information can be found online with the 2016 Kentucky Voter Guide, and Project Vote Smart, which offers its Political Courage Test that indicates where candidates stand on key issues.

Votes for candidates who have withdrawn from their respective races – Democrats Tom Osborne for Congress and Martin O’Malley for President – will be discarded.

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