Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Faith-based movies big draw at Capitol

When it comes to box office demographics, Christians are high on the list in western Kentucky.

Capitol Cinemas in Princeton is now showing “The Case for Christ” which started Good Friday, and if history is any indication, ticket sales will soar all this week.

Mike Cherry at the theater doesn’t know what to expect for the newest faith-based movie, but he knows the track record of others. When Passion of the Christ was shown over a three-week period a few years back, it provided the Capitol Theater with the largest grossing movie in its history.
“Faith-based movies are a strong calling card for us,” Cherry said.

The theater manager explained that his film distributor told him that Princeton had the nation’s highest number of ticket sales per capita for Passion of the Christ.

“We have two exceptionally strong faith-based movies coming up,” Cherry said. “After Case for Christ, we will open Champion on May 19.”

Cherry said a group of local ministers have already guaranteed 250 ticket purchases in order for the small Princeton theater to get the Champion for viewing there. Champion is an inspirational movie about a dirt track racer whose life runs out of control before it collides with another. It’s about how one man must fight for his family and the other must fight to forgive.

The Case for Christ is a Christian drama based on a true story that inspired the 1998 book of the same name by Lee Strobel. The film follows an atheist journalist who looks to disprove his wife's Christian faith and ends up becoming a believer.