Thursday, September 3, 2015

Audubon Parkway closed

The Audubon Parkway is closed in both Daviess and Henderson counties due to metal shards along the roadway. the debris appears to be 1-inch long pieces of aluminum. The debris begins on the Audubon Parkway at the westbound entrance from U.S. 60 at mile-point 0.0 and stretches to the exit of the Audubon Parkway at the 1-mile marker. There are numerous motorists assists with flat tires in the area at this time.

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet crews are en route with broom trucks to help clear the roadway, but clearing this extended section will take several hours.

The westbound lanes are closed from Owensboro to Henderson. At this time the eastbound lanes from Henderson to Owensboro are reported open. However, the eastbound lanes may have to be closed to allow clean up.

The recommended detour for all traffic until the Audubon is cleared of debris is via U.S. 60.