Thursday, December 6, 2018

News you've been Waiting for!

The big news this week is that the new US 641 highway should be open soon after you read this, perhaps before. We have an in-depth look at what those along both the new and old 641 can expect in the coming days and well into the future as things like address changes and road names are affected by the first new highway built in this county in more than 50 years.

Just as big this week is news of what business is going into the old Shopko building.

Local law enforcement is looking for a man wanted for questioning in a number of burglaries. They need your help to find him.

If you are interested in helping the needy this Christmas season, now is the time to get involved. Community Christmas is short on funds. Read what you can do to help.

A Fredonia government leader has a new position as president of a statewide group. 

Several area newspapers are bought by the group that owns the Paducah Sun. 

Local deer hunters have grown mighty particular. See what that means for the harvest.

There’s band news, a couple of retirement stories about some community servants, Brenda Underdown’s regular history column and all the sports details you can find nowhere else. 

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