Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Open Enrollment Deadline is Friday

Time is dwindling for Medicare open enrollment and Partners Insurance in Marion is offering free Medicare reviews through the final day of open enrollment, which is this Friday, Dec. 7.

What is Medicare open enrollment?

It is also known as the annual election period or annual coordinated election period which refers to the annual opportunity for Medicare plan enrollees to reevaluate their coverage, including supplemental policies, and make changes if so desired.

During Medicare open enrollment, a beneficiary can switch Medicare Advantage plans, switch from Medicare Advantage back to Original Medicare or vice versa, join a Part D prescription drug plan, switch from one Part D plan to another, or drop Medicare Part D coverage entirely. 

Medicare open enrollment ends this week. Act now and changes are effective on January 1.

For further online study of Medicare's Open Enrollment, click here.

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