Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Cave In Rock Ferry remains closed

The Cave In Rock Ferry remains closed due to high water on the Ohio River. Observers believe that the river will have fallen enough by perhaps Thursday so that the ferry can re-open. However, that is subject to change based on the forecast of more rain later this week.

Here are other roads closed in Crittenden and Livingston counties due to high water:

Crittenden County

  • KY 132 Closed @ mile point 1.79 at Crittenden-Webster Co. Line
  • KY 135 Closed @ 4mm in Sawmill Hollow
  • KY 1917 CLOSED between 1.3 & 1.6mm
  • KY 91 CLOSED at mile point 10.5 near the Cave-in-Rock Ferry Landing

Livingston County
  • KY 133 CLOSED @ mile point 19.75 at KY 137 intersection at Berry’s Ferry
  • KY 137/River Road CLOSED @ 14.3 mile pont at KY 133 intersections at Berry’s Ferry
  • KY 137/River Road is CLOSED from mile point 5.286 at the KY 763 intersection to the 15mm
  • KY 137 Water Over Road at 3.7mm- Signs Posted
  • 917 CLOSED @ the 7mm- Between KY 93 and KY 866
  • KY 1436 is CLOSED at the KY 137 Intersection