Friday, March 27, 2015

Day 2 of testimony to begin shortly

Detective Matt Foster (left) and Commonwealth
Attorney Zac Greenwell confer Friday morning
before testimony began.
Jurors were in their seats at 8am this morning at Crittenden County Courthouse, but some behind-the-scenes legal maneuvering by attorneys briefly delayed the start of the second day of testimony in the Britt Deckert murder trial.

Deckert, 28, is accused of killing his half-brother AJ Vasseur with what some have described as a Wolverine type claw – a reference to the fictional superhero of comic books and movies.

The prosecution put Vasseur's wife and step-daughter on the stand Thursday (each was witness to the alleged crime. Vasseur's wife was also allegedly assaulted during the altercation). On Friday, the state is expected to get into the meat of its physical and forensic evidence with state police detective Matt Foster expected to take the stand.

The trial is scheduled to wrap up on Monday.