Friday, March 27, 2015

Trial recesses until Monday morning

Sgt. Matthew Jordan shows the jury
the claw-like weapon that police
believe Deckert used in an alleged
attack on his half brother.
Judge Rene Williams has recessed the Britt Deckert murder trial in Crittenden Circuit Court until 8:30am Monday.

Prosecutor Zac Greenwell rested the commonwealth's case against Deckert shortly before 5pm Friday after two days of testimony from a variety of witnesses and experts. Among those testifying on Friday were medical examiners and Matt Foster, the state police's lead detective.

Deckert's court-appointed attorneys began their defense late on Friday, calling three witnesses in fewer than 15 minutes, before the trial was put on hold until next week. Expected to testify for the defense on Monday are fewer than four people, among them the defendant's father.

Judge Williams told the jury on Friday that she believes the case can be wrapped up Monday, as previously scheduled.

Deckert, 28, is accused of killing his half-brother AJ Vasseur in August 2013 with what some have described as a Wolverine type claw – a reference to the fictional superhero of comic books and movies. He is also accused of assaulting Vasseur's wife.