Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Weather causing problems across county

Last updated at 4:15 p.m. A significant amount of sleet has fallen across the county and has now transitioned to snow.

Area roads are treacherous from today's wintry mix, and officials are asking people to stay home.

“If you can stay off the roads, please do so. Our road crews are ready to clear the roads, but the job is faster and easier if the roads are empty,” said Gov. Steve Beshear in a statewide news release. “Most of all, please check on your neighbors and the elderly to make sure folks are safe and warm as the storm comes through."

State and county road crews have begun treating and plowing roads.

"The road department is now heading out to begin road treatments in critical areas and will begin plowing as the conditions warrant throughout the county," said Crittenden County Judge-Executive Perry Newcom. "As the snow becomes heavier, we may be forced to suspend treatment and plowing efforts until it is deemed safe again."  

Several roads in Crittenden County have been closed today due to water over the road following steady rains falling on an already-saturated ground. Crittenden County Road Department is in the process of marking all these spots, including:
  • Axle Creek Road
  • Aunt Jane Tabernacle Road
  • Enon Church Road
  • Youth Camp Road
  • Tom Hill Road
  • Cool Springs Road
  • Phinn Croft Road
  • Providence Road
  • Charlie May Road
  • Blackburn Church Road
  • Gum Creek Road
  • Irma-White Road 
"Not all of these roads are impassible, just certain areas along the creeks and ditches," said Newcom.

Caney Fork Road was also temporarily closed due to a fallen tree. The saturated ground allowed for the tree to be uprooted.

"I expect to see more of this as we continue with this rain," Newcom added.

Motorists should slow down and use appropriate caution. You should not try to cross through high water.

If you know of any other places with water over the road, you are asked to contact the judge-executive's office at (270) 965-5251.

All of the rain is also causing other concerns for the county. The courthouse roof is leaking in numerous locations and the roof of the community services building on North Walker Street is also leaking. The leaks are under control at this time, Newcom reports.

Elsewhere, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet is also reporting water over highways in nearby counties. McCracken County appears to be having the most issues with floodwaters. Other specific locations include:

Henderson County
  • Ky. 812 is closed between the 4-5 mile-markers.
  • Ky. 2247 is closed between the 0-1 mile-markers.
  • Ky. 1557 is closed between the 2-3 mile-markers.
  • Ky. 268, high water between the 0-2 mile-markers.
  • Ky. 1551 is closed between the 2-3 mile-markers.
  • Ky. 1539 has high water at the intersection with Ky. 2183.
Union County
  • Ky. 56 West, high water signs at the 8.5 mile-marker near Jacks Lane.
  • Ky. 56 is closed at the intersection with Ky. 136.
  • Ky. 56 is closed at the U.S. 60 Morganfield Bypass.
  • Ky. 128  is reported with high water signs out at the 0-1 mile-markers.
  • Ky. 138 has high water between 10.4-10.7 mile-points.
  • Ky. 270 has high water between 7-8 mile-marker.
  • Ky. 358, high water between the 3-8 mile-markers.
  • Ky. 1321, high water between the 0.6 mile-point.
  • Ky. 339, high water between the 0-1 mile-markers.
  • Ky. 1565, high water between the 4-5 mile-markers.
  • Ky. 996, high water between the 2-3 mile-markers.
  • Ky. 450, high water between the 5-6 miler-markers.
  • Ky. 3075, high water between the 0 to 2 mile-markers.
  • Ky. 1255/Bonds Road is closed at the 1-2 mile-markers.